Go Green, Go Smart, Go Geothermal
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Clearwater Drilling Company has been drilling and installing complete geothermal systems since 1989. We are equipped to perform the drilling of the boreholes, the installation of the loops, grouting the boreholes, excavation for the headers, the supply and return lines and the butt and socket fusion of the piping. Circulation pump installation and testing and purging of the system are done as well.

Our company is licensed by the State of Tennessee in Geothermal Drilling and Loop Installation. We are IGSHPA Certified, NGWA Certified, and hold various certificates for training and schools attended.


How Does Geothermal Work?
The Closed Loop heat pump system consists of a series of pipes inserted into the earth. Water is circulated through this underground heat exchanger for the heat pump to absorb heat from the earth during the heat cycle. During the cooling cycle the opposite occurs. The circulating water cools the refrigerant of the heat pump and discharges the heat to the earth via the water to the underground heat exchanger.

In the Open Loop system, the heat is absorbed from well water in winter for heating and heat is discharged to the well water in summer during the cooling season.

Owners of Geothermal systems can enjoy high quality heating and cooling at a substantial savings. Geothermal systems can also provide free hot water with the addition of a desuperheater.


Geothermal Example